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KW-N5 Series NVR
KW-N50XX Series NVR
Economy NVR,Support megapixels ONVIF HD network video preview, storage and pla
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Can connect IP camera, IP speed dome camera and DVS; support Onvif protocol;

Compatible with main brand IP cameras;

Support megapixel HD network video preview, storage and playback;

Click any area and zoom in or zoom out on the image by mouse;

Support digital zooming under preview and playback modes;

Support search, playback and backup by event;

Support 4ch playback simultaneously.



1. Preview channel can be switched to other channel randomly without changing the MAC which is convenient for the project construction;

2. The dendritic menu can be moved. Man-machine communication is more direct andthesettings of parameters are more easy and convenient;

3. The mouse roller can realize 15X digital zooming which the enlarged image can be dragged and moved randomly under preview and playback modes;

4. Immediate snapshot and immediate view; the picture will be stored in an independent area in the HDD;

5. The recording playback is shown by time bar and different color represents different recording type. It is very fast and easy to find check the recording;

6. Recording backup can be accurate to second. Any time period of backup is available;

7. The recording files in the USB disk can play directly in the playback interface while the snapshot pictures can be viewed directly;

8. With 3G, WIFI wireless connection functions;

9. Standard resolution which can be adjusted according to the display device in order to get the best image quality;

10. Adopt HDD sequence writing method and the data is written from 0 track which increase 2.5X lifetime of the HDD.




Series Order Type & Description
KW-N5004     (4CH)
KW-N5008     (








Embedded Linux

Image Encoding Control

Image quality adjustment available, variable stream,and
limited stream optinal


Each channel can be set

Video standard

2CH 1080P 30 frames/sec or
 4CH720P30 frames/sec

4CH 1080P 30 frames/sec or
 8CH720P30 frames/sec

Monitor Image Quality


Image Motion Detection

Multiple detection area in each screen,6 sensitivity setting

Regional Shelter Set

Each channel support 4 regional shelter block

Video Mode

Manual/ Automatic/ Dynamic Monitoring/Alarm Triggered

Backup Mode

Support hard disk, U disk, USB mobile hard disk,USB
burner,network storage and backup

Operation Mode

Mouse, remote control, front panel buttons,keyboard operation


IPC Input

2×(1920*1080) or
4×(1280*720) IP Camera

4×(1920*1080) or 8×(1280*720)
 IP Camera

Analog Camera Input

4ch D1

Audio Input

4CH Network Audio Input


Video Output

1CH VGA+1CH HDMI ( Optional Features)

Audio Output

1CH,BNC Port(3.3Vp-p,4.7Kohms)


Network Port

1 Port, RJ45 10M/100M self adaptive net work port

USB Port

2 USB2.0 (1in front panel, 2 in tail panel)


1 CH





1 CH

Wireless Interface


Hard Disk


1 SATA hard disk interface/ 1 SATA+1E-SATA


Each interface support 2TB maximum capacity,2 TB for each

Mobile Monitoring

Iphone windows mobile blackberry symbian android

Packing size


Electric Property

Power Supply

12V 4A

Working Temperature


Working Humidity



≤17, Without hard disk

≤24, Without hard disk